“It is extraordinary to think that of the ten leading sculpture carvers in the world, perhaps five come from one single African tribe – the Shona. These sculptors from Zimbabwe speak for Africa, but they also speak for us all.” - The Sunday Telegraph

Birdwoods is New Zealand’s leading importer of stone sculpture from Southern Africa, including the internationally renowned Zimbabwean sculpture. Zimbabwe means "great stone house" so it is fitting that stone sculpture (also referred to as Shona sculpture) is the art form that most represents the people of Zimbabwe.

You can read more about the history of Shona sculpture here along with some background to the sculpture communities, our relationships with the artists, and how we select the individual pieces.

Year round, Birdwoods South displays a large range of stone sculpture in the gallery and at special outdoor exhibitions, along with its famous metal sculpture. 

Our sculpture can sell quickly, so we have created an archive of our SOLD pieces to help if you are looking for something in particular as we revisit our sculptors each year. Please click here to see our archived pieces.

Please send us an email if you wish to enquire about the price of a sculpture