The Gallery’s name originated in Zimbabwe where Birdwoods Metal Sculpture was established by Louise Stobart in 1991, using her designs to create a wide range of unique metal sculptures made from recycled 40 gallon oil drums.

In the 23 years since she designed and welded her first prototype, Louise’s sculptures have gained an international reputation, with notable exhibitions including the Chelsea Flower Show in London and Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Amsterdam. In 2004, Louise’s bird sculptures were used in the Spring Collection windows of every Louis Vuitton shop around the world in celebration of 150 years of LVM.

When Bruce and Louise were forced off their farm in Zimbabwe and they made the decision to move to New Zealand, they sold Birdwoods Metal Sculpture to a friend, Joy Denton. Joy and the team of welders are still successfully operating on the outskirts of Harare in Zimbabwe using Louise’s designs.